3 Powerhouse Juicing Ingredients

You have read all about the benefits of juicing and have perhaps even bought your first juicer. Maybe ...
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What is the Anti-Cancer Diet?

Did you know that if you live in the USA, you have about a one in five chance ...
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eating a whole food diet

Eating A Whole Food Diet

There are lots of different ways to eat healthily. Many people have done well with an intermittent fasting approach whereas ...
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healthy Living

Healthy Living:Diet, Exercise and Relaxation

If you are interested in healthy living, you have probably given some thought to how to go about ...
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Should You Try the Raw Food Diet?

The raw food diet has had a lot of press recently with claims of rapid weight loss and ...
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weight loss smoothies

Weight Loss Smoothies

If you want to lose weight, there are some things that are really important. You need to make ...
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choosing a juicer

Choosing a Juicer

Here on Eat Clean, Eat Real we love juicing. It is an easy way to get a whole ...
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Juicing 101

From Juice cleanses to the benefits of juicing, there is no doubt that this is one of the ...
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The Ultimate Guide to Clean Eating

Dieting is dead! After decades of bouncing around from low carb to high carb and South Beach to ...
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