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What is the Anti-Cancer Diet?

Did you know that if you live in the USA, you have about a one in five chance of dying of cancer and double that of being diagnosed? And that the various forms of this terrible disease are responsible for close to 2000 deaths every single day? Don’t think you are better off in other…

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Eating A Whole Food Diet

There are lots of different ways to eat healthily. Many people have done well with an intermittent fasting approach whereas others will eat six small meals a day. Making juicing part of a diet plan can make a real difference. The Paleo diet also has a very solid track record and is something that I have found to work. It…

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Healthy Living:Diet, Exercise and Relaxation

If you are interested in healthy living, you have probably given some thought to how to go about it. This might mean cleaning up your diet, trying juicing or getting in some exercise. These can all be important parts of the puzzle, but if you really want to get lean and healthy and stay there…

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