Weight Loss Smoothies

If you want to lose weight, there are some things that are really important. You need to make sure that you are eating healthy food that is nutritious and doesn’t contain empty calories. It helps if this is easy to prepare and doesn’t cost a fortune. This is where a healthy smoothie really fit the bill.

Green Smoothie Weight Loss

One of the problems with dieting is that we forget to control the calories from liquids. Eating a salad is fine ( as long as you avoid the creamy dressing!) but if you have a soda or processed orange juice with it, you are consuming a lot of calories. Replacing these soft drinks with weight loss smoothies is a smart move. In fact, drinking just these and water would be a good idea for everybody.

The real advantage this sort of meal replacement is that it works for everyone. For example, if you know you should be eating your fruits and vegetables but can’t stand the sight of them, you aren’t going to stick to that plan for very long. So why not ‘hide’ them in a smoothie? It is amazing just how different it is to drink leafy greens rather than try to munch your way through a plate full of them. Even something like romaine lettuce goes fine in a weight loss green smoothie-you won’t know it is in there! In fact, due to their high water content, you can actually get a lot of vegetables in just one small glass full.

Of course, you need to keep an eye on the calories. If you throw everything and the kitchen sink into the blender, you can easily hit 1000 calories in one go which isn’t going to do a lot for your waistline. This is especially true if you prefer a fruit smoothie which can be a bit higher in sugar already. Smoothie calories count just as much as food calories!

For example, peanut butter and coconut oil are two healthy ingredients (as long as you are using natural peanut butter, not the processed, industrial sort that is full of sugar and additives.) They will certainly add taste and texture to any smoothie recipes. However, if you are a little too generous with the spoon, you are drinking something that will taste great but also potentially make you put on a pound or two. Use them by all means, but not every time and not in large quantities.

Start the Day with a Breakfast Smoothie

So what should you use? Well, let’s take the example of a breakfast smoothie. Here is a recipe that will give you a healthy, nutritious start to the day and a real boost to your weight loss efforts. It is a great addition to any meal plan.

One cup water

one cup green tea

ice cubes

A scoop of protein powder (go for a high-quality, natural whey)

A small handful of chia seeds

frozen fruit

If you mix this up you are getting a big bang for your buck. It is packed full of vitamins and minerals and will give you enough energy to get through your morning without the inevitable blood sugar crash associated with your normal  meal. It will also give your taste buds a treat. It also shows that weight loss smoothie recipes don’t need to be complicated. And how much better does this taste than some of the more traditional recipes for weight loss that you might have tried?

What Should I Put in My Smoothie?

One question that people often ask when talking about smoothie ingredients is what liquid should I use? Actually, often you don’t need much extra liquid at all. When I make a banana smoothie, the fruit will become surprisingly runny when mixed. You do have a few choices of what to add if the texture is still too thick.

Your first choice should always be water. Many people actually live in a permanent state of dehydration without realising so any opportunity to drink more water is good news. There are other things that also work well in homemade smoothies. You might want to try almond milk or coconut milk. These will provide healthy fats and avoid any lactose tolerance issues from skim milk or low fat milk. They are also a good protein source if you don’t want to add powder but still need higher protein shakes or just prefer a protein smoothie, especially after exercise.

One thing to avoid is soy milk. Although it has been pushed as healthy alternative to dairy, it really isn’t the best idea for many people, especially men who want some smoothie protein ingredients. It can be highly estrogenic and soy is not the most environmentally friendly crop, requiring a lot of water as well as commonly being treated with pesticides.

Keeping Things Interesting on a Smoothie Diet

If you tolerate dairy products well, you might want to use Greek yogurt or cottage cheese in your healthy smoothie recipes. You can actually use these ingredients to make an edible drink! Some people get bored with their green smoothie diet if they are drinking several shakes a day. Replacing water with yogurt gives a thicker texture that you can eat with a spoon to provide a little variety. This might not seem important , but one of the keys to losing weight is sticking with it, especially when you are through the initial stage of rapid weight loss. Anything that prevents boredom is good.

Smoothies for weight loss are always a great idea. They are quick, easy and nutritious. A traditional weight loss diet can be a pain. It feels restrictive and it is eay to fall off the wagon. Basing your meals around real food is the way to stay healthy, lose weight and keep it off. Why not take the green smoothie challenge today and see if it helps you hit your fitness and physique goals?

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